Rent a Rose- Eucalyptus Arch greenery
Eucalyptus Arch Greenery
Eucalyptus Arch Greenery
Eucalyptus Arch Greenery
Eucalyptus Arch Greenery
Eucalyptus Arch Greenery
Eucalyptus Arch Greenery
Eucalyptus Arch Greenery
Eucalyptus Arch Greenery

Eucalyptus Arch Greenery

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The Eucalyptus greenery is made up of seven 3.5  foot long pieces of greenery. Each is attached securely to a 2 inch wide by 1/2 inch thick board. The top piece is the most elaborate of all the sections. It contains two types of grasses, three types of eucalyptus leaves, two types of berries and six pampas leaves. The upper right and left pieces are nearly identical minus the pampas. The middle left and right pieces have one type of grass, two types of eucalyptus leaves and one type of berry. The lower right and left pieces are the most basic of all the pieces, having only one type of grass, one type of eucalyptus and one type of berry included in their design.

These seven pieces can do double duty at your wedding. First, use them at the ceremony for the wedding arch, then assign someone to cut the zip ties and take down the pieces to be used as table runners at the reception. (Picture is shown )You can even tuck some flowers (or even fake fruit like lemons or limes) anything that matches your colour scheme into the foliage. Check out our single floral stem collection.

You can also decide not to use all seven pieces and only decorate a portion of the your arch  The pictures shown are using all seven pieces. Each piece is priced separately for your convenience:

  • Head Piece with Six Pampas  $175
  • Top Left- $105
  • Top right-$105
  • Middle Left-$90
  • Middle Right -$90
  • Bottom Left- $75
  • Bottom Right- $75


Note: These pieces can be rented separately. Arch frames are not included with the price of the florals. The main photo that shows the Rustic Timber Frame Arbour is available from Something Borrowed  for $110 plus GST.  Call 780-245-3094 to book. The Octagon Archway shown in the smaller photos can be rented at Special Event Rentals for $395.00 Call 780-435-2211. 


The delivery and pickup fee is a flat rate of $50 for all local events (Edmonton and greater area).

Products will be delivered 2 days before the event and picked up 2 days after the event, with a total rental period of 5 days.

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