Rental Agreement

Rental Agreement

By making "a purchase" with Rent A Rose the customer acknowledges that they have read, understood and agreed to the terms listed below.

Rental Period

The customer acknowledges that when this site says Make a Selection that they are  renting a product and not actually purchasing it. The customer agrees to a rental period of a maximum of five days for a local event (Edmonton, AB) The product the customer has selected can be delivered up to two days before their event, and can be picked up to two days after their event by Rent a Rose staff. We recognize that some customers may want their florals delivered directly to the venue on the event day and picked up from the venue the following day. These arrangements can be made.

The customer further agrees that the rented property shall [1] not be used beyond the intended capacity; [2] not be used in any manner for which it was not designed or designated; [3] not be used in a negligent manner. [4] not used next to open flames [5] returned in the condition it was received.


The customer hereby agrees that they shall fully indemnify Rent A Rose for any and all damage to or loss of the rented property. Insurance is built into the rental cost of each item in order to cover reasonable damages, including broken flowers, damaged petals, stains or other determined natural wear of the product. Insurance will not cover items damaged beyond repair or items NOT returned. The buyer shall be responsible for the full value of items damaged beyond repair and/or unreturned items, at 4 X  the rental cost.

Return of Property

The customer hereby agrees to return the rented property and all original packaging materials to Rent A Rose Inc. If original box and packing materials are not returned the customer agrees to pay $10.00 replacement fee per box.

For returns, customer must make the flowers available for pick up on first or second day after the event. Date and time to be predetermined.

The customer agrees to pay a $100 late fee per day if rented items are not made available for pick up. Customer agrees to pay this  $100 late penalty for three days post agreed return date. If the product is still not returned on forth day it is assumed the products are not coming back and the customer agrees to pay for the replacement cost of the products. The replacement cost is the rental price multiplied by four (minus the $300 in late fees already levied). A invoice will be sent to customer to collect late return or no return fees.

Rent A Rose is not responsible for any personal property unintentionally returned with rental property.

PRO TIP: Assign a responsible adult to collect all the boutonnieres from the groom and grooms men at about 10:00 up so you are not trying to round them up the next day from various locations. Have the same person box up the centrepieces and bouquets at the end of the night and take all the flowers home with them. 

Cancellation/Change Order

Rent A Rose requires a 90 day notice on cancellations in order to issue a 100% refund of the deposit. Orders cancelled less than 90 days before the rental date will forfeit 25% of their prepayment. Cancellations must be submitted via email to

Changes to an existing order can be made up to 30 days prior to the rental date via email. Change order requests submitted within 30 days of the rental date are subject to availability. Exchanges must be at equal or greater value. No cancellations of individual items allowed within 30 days prior to event date.

We have made every effort to display the colours and images of our products as accurately as possible. We cannot guarantee that your computer monitor's display or the lighting with which we captured our photos will 100% accurately represent the colours. Products selected may have SLIGHT variation from what is photographed as each product is hand made. Similarly the dimensions of each bouquet are subject to slight variation based on the handmade nature of each bouquet



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